Providing support services to families affected by addiction

Revere Recovery Help 

Learn to Cope is a non-profit, peer lead support network for families touched by substance use disorders. Its peer facilitators help parents and other families members cope with addiction through weekly support meetings, an online community forum, and public presentations.

RFD is Revere Recovery Helps coordinating partner. Since 2010, its first responders have used Narcan to reverse the life threatening effects of overdoses. RFD provides literature on overdose education during first responder missions and works closely with Revere Recovery Help partners to educate the Revere community.

Mayor Brian Arrigo and the City of Revere is concerned about the rising level of opioid overdoses. The City of Revere is partnering with The Revere Fire Department, North Suffolk Mental Health Association, and The Winnisimet Regional Opioid Collaborative (WROC).  This partnership is designed and dedicated to provide comprehensive education, navigation, and support to individuals and their families combating opioid use and addiction.  This process is confidential and only meant to offer assistance.

The Team is comprised of Firefighters, Harm Reduction Specialists, and Recovery Coaches.  The Team meets weekly to identify addresses of reported overdoses, current trends and evidence based on models of services.  The Team will go out into the community to identify locations twice a week, supporting prevention, education, engagement, intervention, and treatment when requested.

Revere's Response To Epidemic Opioid Overdose

North Suffolk Mental Health

confidential Help - (800) 327-5050



Revere Fire Department

Revere Recovery Help Partners

Substance use disorder and related conditions are our nation’s number one public health problem

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Learn to Cope

Noddles Island is North Suffolk’s Addiction Services Department providing outpatient services to people of all ages who are struggling with addiction.  We specialize in treating a variety of addictions including alcohol, drugs including opioids, tobacco and gambling.


Revere Fire and Revere Police are equipped with Narcan.

Saving Lives with Narcan

You are not alone. Misunderstanding the nature of the disease of addiction brings about stigma.  Stigma inhibits individuals and families from seeking help.   By alleviating stigma, we can assist families in seeking the help they need to support their loved ones recovery.

We are here for support.  If you have a medical emergency call 911 now.